Trace Bio Analytics is an analytical chemistry company based in Boston Massachusetts.  Our intellectual property and proprietary knowhow enable organic and biochemical analysis at low analyte concentrations by mass spectrometry.  We acquire, create and provide ultrasensitive technology for trace chemical analysis of biological samples.

Of central interest for Trace Bio Analytics is the challenge and opportunity of expanding the role that mass spectrometry (MS) plays in biomedical research and clinical diagnostics.  Trace Bio Analytics is overcoming prior limitations of mass spectrometry through advances in sample preparation and derivatization.

A lead technology for Trace Bio Analytics is the DNA Adduct Discovery Test that reveals and identifies damaged nucleotides in DNA. This test, the first of its kind and still unique, currently is marketed by Trace Bio Analytics for cell culture exposures.  Underway is a second generation test for analysis of human blood samples as a potential “Cancer Prevention Test”.

In the area of sample preparation, Trace Bio Analytics is advancing a novel “Reversed Tea Bag” for solid phase extraction.  This includes plans to introduce technology for 24-h urine analysis that is more convenient than current methods.  This technology also creates a new kind of repository sample.

Trace BioAnalytics is marketing a novel method that forms a Highly and Uniformly Porous Membrane.  This membrane accomplishes a “Holy Grail” in the field of membrane technology.

To enhance sensitivity, specificity and multi-analyte detection, Trace Bio Analytics specializes in derivatization with isotopologue ionic mass tags that increase the power of electrospray and MALDI forms of mass spectrometry for trace analysis.


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